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The xx is a London-based trio consisting of Jamie Smith (drums and electronics), Oliver Sim (bass and vocals) and Romy Madley Croft (guitars and lead vocals). They were initially a quartet, but the fourth member and second guitarist/keyboard player Baria Qureshi either left or was kicked out of the group (the rumors online are plentiful) shortly after the group released the group's self-titled debut album. It's a minor miracle that the band's members found each other at all, as they have all described themselves as being brooding and hermetic youngsters. Smith and Sim met when they were toddlers due to both of their parents being close friends. The two are very close friends, to the point that many fans conjectured that they were linked romantically. In reality, the two are openly gay. What makes the xx so interesting musically is the way they so effortlessly blend solemn and cogitative alternative styles with the rosiest and buoyant pop and R&B music. When tasked with having to describe the music that The XX make, critics typically pair a chart-topping superstar with a relatively obscure indie act. For instance, you could describe the group's sound as 'Xiu Xiu matched with Katy Perry', 'the love child of This Mortal Coil and Destiny's Child' or any other unlikely yet strangely congruent pairing of the hip underground and radio-friendly hits—like The Smiths and Rihanna, the later of whom actually used a sample of The XX song "intro" in her mega hit "Drunk On Love". The band's latest album is I See You, released on January 13, 2017. The first single titled On Hold was released two months prior, and the band also began to leak out snippets of their upcoming album hidden between the tracks on playlists posted on their Twitter and Facebook that they put together to show their fans what music they were listening to while in the studio.

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